Missional Communities (MCs) are gospel saturated communities that exist to equip each other in the ways of Jesus to GO into our communities, workplaces and families as missionaries leading people to follow Jesus in all of life.
While Jesus spent a lot time around large crowds of people, he spent most of his life with just 12 men. In the same way, each MC will ideally consist of about twelve people. These smaller groups of people gather together regularly to discuss God’s Word and encourage each other, to share a meal and celebrate life together, to pray with and for each other and to serve the community around them.
Every community of people has at its core a guiding paradigm that motivates and drives the decision making and behaviors of that community. When it comes to MC’s our guiding paradigm is simple: Gospel. Community. Mission.


Having been transformed by the Gospel, we are called to share the good news with others in word and deed just like Jesus. Gathering together with other transformed people, gives us the opportunity to remind each other of the power of the gospel while working together to accomplish it’s purpose in the world. All of this results in a growing community of people whose lives are centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Only in sharing life together as a family can we begin to experience what it means to truly love, forgive, share, and give. It provides the opportunity for the fruit of the Spirit to be nourished, to be encouraged, and to grow. Community gets to see the presence of the Gospel lived out in the daily rhythms of life. Jesus told us that the world will know we are His followers by the way we love each other. As we live life together in biblical community, we are giving the world a front row seat to what this kind of love looks like.


Going as missionaries is what Jesus said we were to do; this is His mission for His church. To that end, we are sent out as missionaries into our communities to proclaim the Good News and demonstrate our love forJesus and others. Here is where we learn the context, the needs, the broken parts of our communities and where we can be a part of their redemption and restoration. As we gather as smaller groups of people, we are better able to equip and prepare one another for the specific missional vocation that each of us has been called to.

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